The following FAQ is just designed and intended to help and provide the information to people who are planning to visit India with our Cultural Tour :
1. When is the best time to visit India
- The finest period to visit India  in the months (August to April ), November to March Winter Season, as temperatures are mild and game viewing in the national parks will be the best options. Diwali light festival in October – November, Pushkar Camel Fair in November, New Year also best time to travel India, Holi Color Festival (one of the best festival) in March.

2. Is the country safe to travel
- India is as secure as any other foreign location you visit for the first time. Indians are very hospitable and helpful people. Moreover, we will be there to take care of you in every step of your way and to instruct certain basic precautions. Like it is a very good idea to lock away your spare currency,  passports and precious jewellery in the hotel safe. Moreover, be aware while walking around alone at late night, particularly in the small towns because everything closes early. Don’t talk strangers in Hotels, they tell you to help you in Shopping or try to make friends. Our Guide and Driver is always with you in Tour , so no need to worry during your stay in India, its 100% safe when you join in tour.
3. Do your company have airport pick up and drop up facilities?
- Definitely we have airport pick up and drop up facilities for our clients who have booked our tour. We are also pleased to inform you that we don’t charge extra for the pick up and drop up facilities. Our Driver wait you at Airport , on playcard your Name and our Company Name.
4.What Clothing should I pack when travelling to India ?
- During Indian summers (April – July) we recommend light cotton tops, shorts and trousers.  In the cold winter months (Nov – March) , temperature may drop drastically, therefore warm clothing would be essential. Besides, when visiting religious monuments and shrines you may need to dress formally, so both men and women should pack some long skirts and pants.
5. Should I need to tip and how much should I give ?
-  It is customary to tip , Guides  as well as Car driver. Guide and Drivers are main people who always care you and travel with you, so Tip to them is make them happy.

In Hotels and restaurants ,  a service fee is automatically added to the bill, but you can tip to bellboy or hotel staff too.

6. How Clean are the Hotels, In which Hotel I will stay ?
- India’s five and four star hotels are pretty much like any high quality western hotel and many of them are the western hotel chains. In Luxury Tour we use 4/5 Star Hotels .
in Comfort Tour we use 3 Star Hotels,
in Budget Tour we use Budget Hotels (All room airconditioner in all category hotels)
Hotel Names we send you 1 or 2 weeks before your arrival to India. We book hotels by paying 100% amount, so once the hotel booked it will not be cancelled/ or changed, if you would like to change hotel then pay 100% extra (We use best hotels by our previous customers’ reviews,  so you will never face this problem)
7. Is the tap water safe to drink in India ?
-It’s best to avoid drinking the tap water. Bottled water is easily available, but it’s a good idea to check that the seal on the bottle is undamaged or not before you purchase it. In every area for the tourists packed bottled water is recommended. Though, local brands are also available but it’s recommended to use the some popular and major brands like Bisleri, Aqua 100 and Kinley to save you from the unwelcomed problem.
8. Is there anything I need to know on visiting religious sites ?
-Remember to dress on a little more conservatively while planning to visit religious sites. Also, you may need to take off your shoes or remove all the leather items while entering any temples and monasteries. But you need not to worry as our guide will alert you when such situation arises. Moreover, confirm that photography is allowed or not before taking any snaps.
9.What Currency is used in India , and where can I exchange money ?
The Indian currency is the rupee (INR), 1,2,5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 2000 Rupee Notes . Major currencies such as US dollars, British pounds and Euros are easily exchanged throughout India. Most international airports of the country have the money exchange counters, and also some selected larger hotels and resorts have this facility to their customer. You can exchange your currency at Airport , our Guide or we will help you in exchange during your Jaipur Stay.
10. Is Car / Buses will be airconditoner, which car you use ?
- All car and buses will be aircondionter and Clean , for Luxury Tour We use Toyota Innova (if you are 2-5 person) for Group (6 to 15 people) we use Airconditioner Tempo Traveller or Airconditoner Bus Coaches.
For Comfort / Budget tour we use Airconditioner Toyota Etios or Suzuki Dezire Car.
11. How advance  should I book tour ?
- As Rajasthan Jaipur /Agra Taj Mahal is very famous tourists destination, so we suggest you should book tour 10 – 12 months in advance.  You can book tour by paying US$ 200 per person as advance booking amount , rest amount you can pay in Easy Monthly Installments.

Email us , if you  have any more questions about India :